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Ann reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC on YELP December 14, 2017.  Daaaaang, She said it would change my life and it sure did...ha ha and  my waistline....The Baileys cheesecake is fabulous. If you want one for the holidays, you better order early. Your dessert will be the best dish wherever you go!!

Marc reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC by email December 10, 2017.  Dear Tracy, we purchased two slices of your cheesecake (Kahlua chocolate and Oreo) earlier today at the St. Phillips Plaza farmers market. We just finished dinner and have begun sampling the two desserts.

After each bite, my wife goes--oh my god! I am merely speechless. We agree that your cheesecakes are the best we've ever tasted.

We were in Manhattan in October and visited Junior's to get some of their famous cheesecake. Your cheesecakes are infinitely better than Junior's.  You'll be hearing from us again soon. Thank you for sharing your delicious creations with us.

Sarah reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC — 5 star
February 16, 2017.  I had the pleasure of indulging in the strawberry cheesecake for Valentine's Day and it was AMAZING! Super yummy, smooth, creamy, delicious flavor! Seriously, this cheesecake puts Cheesecake Factory to shame!!!! My husband and kids did not get one bite! Don't tell my mom, but this is the best cheesecake ever!

Deb reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC — 5 star
March 6, 2017

We just served Tracy's cheesecakes at our house warming party last night. We have lots of leftovers from the dinner but there is not even a crumb of cheesecake left. They were delicious and beautiful. Thank you Tracy!

Jessica reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC — 5 star
January 16, 2017

We tried your key lime cheesecake and chocolate kahlua cheesecakes from the St. Phillips farmer's market, and they were DELICIOUS! I think the chocolate kahlua must be the best cheesecake I've ever had! We will definitely be back!

30 Nov 16 Jacquelyne reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts LLC on Facebook
I have tried probably about 15 flavors (some not on the market as yet :))...I'm still trying to decide on my favorite...they are all sooo delicious...will update when I select a winner.

30 Nov 16 Omar reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC on Facebook
Made from fresh ingredients which is just the way I like my cheesecake, I have tried and eaten 12 different flavors. Truly irresistible and very well made!

11 Jan 18 Chris reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC on Facebook  - 5 Star

From the moment I first bit into one of Tracy's Oreo Cheesecake Bites, everything changed! I could not get enough of how incredible it was and still is: the taste, the texture, the aftertaste, presentation, everything was made with so much thought put into it! I have been absolutely hooked and could never think of going to Cheesecake Factory ever again. She once catered to our unit Christmas party and upon realization that it was her desserts, I immediately begun hoarding as much of the Bites as I can get on my plate, separate from my dinner plate, because I knew there will not be any left if I waited until after I finished my dinner (and I was indeed right when I looked afterward).

I brought the Mini Cheesecake Sampler to my family once and the sizes of these cheesecakes were perfect: bigger than the bites as to enjoy it without feeling you haven't gotten enough while being smaller than the regular size cheesecakes where you might feel guilty about breaking your diet or something (which in Tracy's Cheesecakes' case is totally justified). My mom absolutely fell in love with the Bailey's and was totally shocked when she took that first bite. She couldn't stop thinking about it for days afterward.

Tracy's Irresistible Desserts are exactly that: IRRESISTIBLE! They cost more than the Cheesecake Factory, but once you take that first bite, money is irrelevant!

Megan to ‎Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC
31 May 15
.  We met Tracy at the Lorton Farmers Market today. Her cheesecakes are delicious and she is a nice and generous person to boot! Definitely try the lemon!  

Barbara to Tracy's Irresistible Desserts Google+
30 Oct 15.  
I was at the Occoquan Arts and Crafts Festival a couple of weeks ago. Just as we were leaving, I saw Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, staffed by two very happy, approachable people, (Tracy and her husband).

I took a frozen piece home thinking the thawing would not be good for the dessert. I ate it over three days to test its' resilience (and make sure I had enough for three desserts).
Her coconut island cheesecake has a lovely mango topping, a crust that holds up beautifully through freezing and thawing, and a playful balance of flavors. I work in catering and event planning, I know a good dessert when I come across it. Try her cheesecake, IT IS A MUST.

Leah reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC — 5 star
1 Aug 2016 ·
Tracy's cheesecakes are delicious, beautiful and custom made when ordered. What more could you want from a dessert? I'll definitely be placing another order to try more flavors. Thanks Tracy!

ValVette posted via Facebook - 5 Aug 16 Oh my God!!!!!!!! Best cheese cake I have ever had across my lips!!!!!! Creamy, fresh, very rich flavors, melt in my mouth delectable deliciousness that I will never forget!!!! Thank you Tracys IrresistibleDesserts for making my husband's day extra special!!!!!!!!

Alex  to Tracys IrresistibleDesserts via Facebook
1 Aug 16
My boys loves cheesecake and are very picky, with that being said, we ordered a variety of cheesecakes from Tracys IrresistibleDesserts. My boys loved them so much, that I had to limit them to 2 pieces each. They would have eaten the whole mini cheesecake, if I had let them. I also tried the cheesecake, it was creamy and fresh. I highly recommend Tracy's IrresistibleDesserts. I will definitely be ordering more in the very near future. Thank you Tracy.

Marisa to ‎Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC
6 June 15. · I have tried the lemon, oreo, and turtle! Creamy and delicious... And Tracy is lovely as well! Already thinking about what to try next week! 

Pamela to Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC
7 June 15.
 My husband and I just finished over half of the plain cheesecake. It was delicious. We will be back to see you. Thank you

Jennifer to Tracy via email
2 Nov 15.  On Saturday we purchased one of your coconut mango cheesecakes. It is THE BEST cheesecake we have ever tasted! Quite amazing. We are disappointed the farmers market is done for the year. Hope to find your desserts in other places.

Clair reviewed Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC — 5 star
 24 Aug 16  
I bought a bunch of cheesecake bites for my wife's birthday and they were awesome! Smooth texture and killer flavor. My wife loved the chocolate the best and I'm not sure I could put my finger on my favorite. Red Velvet, regular, and key lime stand out to me. Yum Yum Yum

Jason to ‎Tracy's Irresistible Desserts, LLC
23 Jun 15.
 Her cheesecakes are really good. I've tried 2 so far...and reneged on my promise not to take pics of the turtle because it was fixable. Look how pretty! 

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